About Atlanta Wealth Security, LLC

Atlanta Wealth Security, LLC was founded on the principle that wealth should be preserved after it has been accumulated. You have had time to accumulate – now let’s focus on the preservation aspect. The financial products that we recommend will provide a reasonable rate of return with absolutely no market risk. We also combine the strategies of other financial products in order to engineer unique and original solutions in an effort to transfer the most money possible to your loved ones and beneficiaries. Furthermore, we also strive to ensure that they receive your hard-earned accumulated wealth in the most tax-efficient way. Our strategy is to make sure that your assets can be preserved for you and the future generations of your family without the standard probate attorney fees or taxes.

About Our Founder

John LaSarge is one of the premier retirement experts in the Atlanta area. His background is extensive in all aspects of the financial planning process yet he has a strong desire to assist the current and soon-to-be retirement demographic in all financial aspects of their lives in an e ffort to make the golden years as happy and carefree as possible. This includes advising them on increasing their income, avoiding estate taxes, and protecting and preserving their hard-earned wealth. Although these topics can seem complicated, John insures that they will be understood in an easy-to-follow manner. His goal is to ful fill the hopes and dreams of his clients and to find the most effective strategy for their needs.

John received his undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia and his MBA from Georgia Southern University. He has used his financial acumen to bene fit hundreds of clients in the Atlanta area and surrounding states. As a featured contributor to FoxBusiness.com, John strongly encourages that potential and current retirees shift their focus from a risky growth strategy to a more conservative growth and preservation plan. As a proponent of this philosophy, he promises to give each client 110% in his company’s efforts to design the proper strategy.

A resident of Marietta, John lives with his wife Sydney and their two children. He is an avid runner, enjoys traveling with his family, going to the movies, and watching college football. Please call him anytime at (678) 648-7221 EXT 3.